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Morgan's Motivation

"A strange and wonderful new world I am weaving from within, escapisms; Leaving it all behind you, distanced and beyond and gone. I am way gone on this whole trip you're all on. Well and beyond of the normal mundane, far and away and beyond the pale and out past the hard-wired barrier spectrum of hard copy galvonized analysis, where even your crude petty infared scopes can't reach a guy. Barely ever acknowledging the very basic FACT, that I do indeed have to somehow generate a cash flow. One must have their groceries. Ya gotta' have gasoline and clean socks, antibacterial soap and pencils and pens, prophylactics and roach spray, nail clippers for your hedgehogs... To ever retain yourself as socially active, one will be needing all types of various concert, ballet and theatrical tickets, bar tabs and a slick wardrobe, all of the latest popular periodicals and thought provoking tabloids. Need to move with my own rythms here, my own naturally organic flow, which, for all practical purposes is primarily binge drinking and ultra casual sightseeing."

Will paint for food.

Art by Morgan Steele
Artist Description
(Morgan's vision of himself)

Name: Morgan X. Steele
Ethnic Background: Cheyenne/ Baltic Translyvanian derived, honkey-American
Birthday: 1968 A.D.
Birthplace: Miami Fl
Hair; chrome
Eyes; plaid Corrective lenses
Safe driver
Hobbies/pursuits/activities other than religious and or superstitious: painting, surfing, beer, piano, smoking cigarettes, mine retrieval, photosynthisizing, television, skeet golf & glass blowing.
Morgan Steele is one of the featured artists in Extraordinary Interpretations - Florida's Self-Taught Artists by Gary Monroe, copyright 2003, available at

Art by Morgan Steele

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Art by Morgan Steele in the Orlando Weekly - Scramble Campbell - Henry Rollins - Jack Kerouac - Gary Monroe, Author - L7

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